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domingo, 30 de maio de 2010

Inside the view

Inside the view(por:Kraudião)

Inside my mind throught my soul,
I saw the man searching control.
Inside my soul by all thoughts,
I saw my life wich did’nt know.
Inside the man another view,
I saw my future up the hill.
Inside my mind always see you,
I saw all plans to realize.
Inside my soul all the time,
I saw wishes coming to be true.
Inside the man so kind and pure,
I saw my happiness again.
Inside the pain of ours lifes,
I saw many lessons.
Inside the man with suffer,
I saw an brightness light many times begun.
Inside the ideas on myself,
I saw diferents lifes became one.

Besides my life going fast
To where I don’t know.
Besides my soul arising soon
Looking for the light many times for seconds.
I really thanks to you
compromised with and deep inside the view

Salvador-Bahia, 30 de Maio de 2010